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The Universe Gives Us What We Want... Not Necessarily What We Need

It's a hard morning in the Watson household.

My kiddo has been sick for a few days and, despite the fact that she is feeling better, claims she is still sick and wants to stay home for another day. She's already missed quite a bit of school due to a virus that knocked her out for 4 days and the school let me know she is missing too much school.

So we have a big argument. A lot of her yelling "Go away! I hate you!" and a lot of me saying things like, "I"m sorry, Kiddo, but ya gotta go back to school. Today."

She reluctantly goes back to school.

Without saying goodbye.


I retreat to my studio to do my daily SoulCollage® reading.

Grabbing my pile of "mystery" cards (those I haven't done a reading with yet), I shuffle them well, close my eyes, ask them "Who has wisdom for me today?" and then randomly pull a card.

This card...

Here's the reading:


I Am The One Who wishes I was "THAT" mom. I Am The One Who is the Watcher - looking with longing at mothers and daughters who get along, who have fun together. I Am The One Who is struggling with motherhood.


What I have to say to you today is that this phase will pass. Your daughter is a raging bundle of pre-teen hormones right now. She is figuring out her place in the world right now and how to be independent from you. You may be the "Watcher" for quite a while as she grows through this phase. It's going to be really hard, but you both will get through it. Eventually.

Aaannnddd the Universe seems to have a sense of humor. Or at least gives me what I need, if not necessarily what I want.


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