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What People Are Saying About Their SoulCollage® Experience with Soul Unfolding

[SoulCollage® gives me] a sense of calm creative energy, space to honor my Self, and insight into my soul and experience.

Tapping into my creativity was fun. [So was] "feasting" on the cards - seeing others' cards - hearing how the cards speak to us. Jennifer - you were great! Thank you for sharing your cards with us and holding this workshop. Hope to come back again!

The whole process was enjoyable. The card readings were powerful and helped me to get to a deeper understanding of myself in the moment.

[In] the process of playing with images that we are organically drawn to, we give ourselves permission to lift our veils.

It was wonderful to have time to create cards. The selection of images to choose from was so generous and inspiring....I think it's great to have the SoulCollage® experience here in Rhode Island. It's a great way to tap into a creative, reflective, meditative state of being.

[SoulCollage® is] a relaxing, fun, intuitive way to seek meaning through art.

[Writing] about what I created...made me appreciate the pieces more and gather insight into myself...[It was] an exploration into my inner mind and heart, all while playing with paper and glue and scissors and memories

[The best part is] being able to not only make the cards, but to do the readings and hear others' [readings]

as well

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