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About Jennifer Watson and Soul Unfolding


“There is something unique, mighty and magnificent within each of us and it is our job to let that unfold within us.


“I’m always on a journey of unfolding…[Y]ou ask, ‘What’s trying to emerge? What’s trying to unfold?’ and you’ll start to get hints. You’ll start to take baby steps walking in that direction. As you take baby steps, inertia becomes momentum and then possibilities start to reveal themselves.”


-Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

open to trying new things and developing new skills, which I did. With enthusiasm and determination. All of which have challenged me and helped me grow as a human being. But none of the jobs I tried ever felt like exactly the right fit. Each job always seemed wonderful and interesting but "just for now."


However, throughout my life journey, one thing has always remained constant: my passion for creating and creativity. Making collage and mixed media art. Drawing and painting. Writing. Surrounding myself with other creative people.


This brings us to SoulCollage®


A few years ago I came across SoulCollage® online. Immediately I loved the name. So I did some research and was eager to attend a retreat or a class, but there was nothing nearby. My lovely daughter was quite young at the time so I put thoughts of SoulCollage® on the back burner, but never forgot about it. Then when my daughter was old enough to be without me for a few days, I finally attended my first SoulCollage® retreat.  I made my first card. And my second. And my fifth. And eighth. I was hooked. Did my first reading and was amazed by the insights I gained from the mini works of art I created. The facilitator and the other inspiring. And suddenly I knew I was home. SoulCollage® was and is exactly the right fit for me.


This is my path. It took a while to get here, but here I am. And here you are, too. Are you a seeker? Are you looking for more ways to bring creativity to your busy life? Do you need some inspiration? I hope you'll join me on this wonderful journey of creativity and self-discovery.

In a lovely bit of synchronicity, not long after I decided to name my business “Soul Unfolding” I happened upon the above quote from Dr. Beckwith. It seemed like the Universe giving me a hug and reassuring me that I am on the right path.

Anyone reviewing my résumé might be surprised by my career: art teacher, art gallery sales associate, college admissions officer, aide to a United States Congressman, ladies clothing store sales associate, non-profit development officer, and bookseller. How did this crazy career path happen? You could say that I'm a seeker. Never entirely certain what I wanted to do, I let myself be

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