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Confession time...

Photo for cuteness (Beetle and me.)

So, earlier today three people unsubscribed from my mailing list.

My heart sinks a little bit.

Not much. Just a little.

Why just a little?

Because I, too, unsubscribe from mailing lists. From businesses and organizations that either send me too much stuff or I'm no longer interested in what they are sending.

Unsubscribing happens.

So I pout for a few minutes and then get back to work.

But this isn't what I'm here to confess.


Here's my confession:

I have no idea what I'm doing.

Well, not entirely.

I mean...when it comes to actually FACILITATING SoulCollage® workshops I think I'm doing OK. I'm pretty sure I've got that "down" well. Hoping that I do anyway.

But when it comes to all of the other STUFF involved...I have no idea what I'm doing.

For instance - the whole "creating content" part of the business. I struggle with this.

So, like...I'm here today writing this blog post.

Yay! Go, Me! Creating content! Woohoo!

But when will I write the next one?

Who knows???

Not me.

I struggle with any kind of consistency.

(Thank you, ADHD Brain...)

When I reach out to you folks - the Glue Nerd Tribe - 90% of the time it's to remind you of upcoming workshops. I guess that's content...of a sort.

But according to marketing books and various social media/marketing workshops I've taken - I'm supposed to be giving you MORE than that.

Apparently, I'm supposed to be creating OTHER content that you will find helpful and useful in your lives.

Or that you will find amusing.

Or thought provoking and powerful.

And here's the point where I hem and haw and try to THINK of content and then I delay...

Aaaannnnddddd then ultimately I just send out another communication about the next great workshop I'm facilitating...because I generally think I'm most effective when I'm standing in front of you facilitating a SoulCollage® workshop. Less so when I'm trying to write about it...

The only way I think that I provide great content is when we're together in a room actually doing the work of SoulCollage®. So I push the workshops.

Another confession - I'm often afraid that if I send out content other than the workshop stuff THAT I'LL JUST BE BUGGING YOU.

Even as I sit here tap tap tapping away on my keyboard for this blog post, part of my brain is saying, "Don't send this. Don't send this. Don't send this. It's crap. They don't need to read this. You'll just be bugging them."

While another part of my brain is busy telling that first part to "calm down" and to just "chill out" and not to worry so much. This part of my brain is also beginning work on a social media and communications plan so I can actually create NEW and interesting content for you.


Not sure.


So, if you are part of the Glue Nerd Tribe or you're new here and you are planning to join the mailing list...please know that I'm trying my hardest to get this right.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lie down for a few minutes.

This whole "I have no idea what I'm doing" thing is exhausting.

More soon.


I think.

Attend a workshop...I'm much better in person. LOL.


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