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Video Killed the Radio Star...

I have to make a video.

Of me.

Talking about and doing SoulCollage®.


My Inner Panic Button is shrieking, "AAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!! A video? Of me? OMG! What am I going to do?? How am I going to do it? I don't have time! I have to clean my studio! I have no idea how to make a video! AAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

My Inner 5 Year-Old is stomping her feet while shouting, "NO! NO! NO! I WON'T DO IT!!"

So much resistance.

[puts head on table for a moment]

So, here's the thing...I facilitate workshops all of the time. I speak in public. Feel totally OK about public speaking. No problem. I'm confident that I know my SoulCollage® stuff pretty well. Still no problem. I can demonstrate making SoulCollage® cards to anyone in person. No problem. I can confidently speak on the radio. I even posted me speaking on the radio on my website. No problem.

But seeing myself doing all of that on camera?

Big problem.

[puts head down on table again and takes deep breaths]

Yeah, it makes me feel a little faint.

Do I absolutely HAVE to do this thing that makes me SO uncomfortable?

No. Not absolutely.

Do I have to do this thing if I want to grow Soul Unfolding, introduce more people to SoulCollage®, schedule more workshops and actually make a decent living doing what I LOVE doing?

Yes. Absolutely.

As much as I am resistant to the idea of making videos, we are living in the age of videos -- YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, websites...Everyone is attracted to video. Everyone watches videos way more than they read the stuff on social media platforms.

And me - here I am WRITING A BLOG ABOUT MAKING A VIDEO INSTEAD OF JUST MAKING THE D*MN VIDEO... Because THIS is where I am most comfortable. Here. In writing. Hiding behind my keyboard tap tap tapping away. Or even talking on the radio. I'm sooooo uncomfortable in front of the camera...My voice sounds weird. When I see myself speak I suddenly get tongue-tied. Soooo many years of self-shaming because of my body and weight. My face looks fat. I have neck rolls. To see it all there on camera...


I'm a radio star in a video world.

What's a radio star to do?

In my case, I'm going to my SoulCollage® deck to retreive a helper of my Guiding Spirits...

Inner YOU GOT THIS!!! Guiding Spirit

"YOU GOT THIS!" he encourages my panicking Inner Panic Button. "There's no freaking out today. You know your SoulCollage® stuff. You can figure this out. You can make this video. You. Got. This."

"YOU GOT THIS!" he encourages again when my Inner 5 year-old stomps her feet. "Little Girl, you were brave enough to step away from a career you didn't want anymore and forward into SoulCollage® Facilitator Training and then opening Soul Unfolding. This video is just the next step. So stop stomping those feet and step forward again. You. Got. This."

"You. Got. This." he tells me directly when I am hiding behind my keyboard. "You got this, Lady. There's nothing stopping you from getting this done. Except you. Get out of your own way. You. Got. This."

So...apparently I got this. I'm saying it out loud here, Everyone.

Look for a video from me soon...

with love,

Your SoulCollage® Radio Star


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