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Oh Boy...Inner Confidence

Today I was thinking that for my second Soul Unfolding blog post I should choose one of my favorite soothing cards and write all about how SoulCollage® has made such a huge difference in my life over the last two+ years. And please believe me - it has! I am SO on my path... However, I still have STUFF to work on (don't we all?) and that STUFF happens to be in the forefront of my mind today, so in the spirit of continued full disclosure here it is... a bit more of my STUFF and how I am going to work through my STUFF using SoulCollage®.

Shortly after I posted the first Soul Unfolding blog post, my wonderful teacher and mentor, Anne Marie, reached out to me on Facebook with the following comment:

"Hey Jennifer, this is so well done! Want to lead one of the KaleidoSoul monthly classes in 2019? On anxiety or something else?"

For the first 60 seconds after I read this lovely comment I was in HEAVEN thinking to myself, "Anne Marie wants ME to lead one of her classes? That's so AMAZING!!" I may have even done a little dance around the room.

And then on the 61st second my Inner Panic Button (remember her from Post #1?) FREAKED OUT.


My Inner Panic Button started shrieking, "OMG! Anne Marie wants ME to lead one of her online classes? ME? I'm not good enough! I'll screw it up for sure! OMG!"

I texted my mentor's comment and a shorter version of my crazy thoughts to my husband who immediately responded with this:

"You really are very good at this. Maybe you should do another card, reading and blog about confidence."

LOL. That man is a keeper, for sure.

He's right, of course.

I looked through my SoulCollage® deck to see if there was a card that I had not yet identified and could use to represent my Inner Confidence. She is not yet there, which is no surprise because I have spent much of my life feeling a distinct lack of confidence in every area of my life.

So I've decided that this week, before I write the next installment on the blog I am going to find my Inner Confidence! I am going to search through my thousands of images and find the ones that represent a more confident wife, mom, daughter, friend, SoulCollage® Facilitator, business owner, human being. And then I am going to create a SoulCollage® card with those images and do some readings to connect with the confidence that I know is somewhere inside me just waiting to bust out.

Keep an eye out...Another blog post coming soon filled to the brim with confidence and another huge step forward on my life path.


What's missing from your inner life? Is it confidence? The ability to ask for what you need? The power to speak up for yourself? What do you need to find and connect with to put you on your path?

Inner Confidence? What??? Nope


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