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I Have to Write Blog Posts?? AAAIIIEEE!!!

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

I say to myself today, "You ought to post some very calm, soothing image for your first blog post." This is, after all, SoulCollage®, right? That soothing, meditative, contemplative process through which we discover our inner wisdom and connect with our deepest selves and truths. So, I ought to post something reflecting that calmness, right??


If I'm totally honest with myself and with you, even though I am a SoulCollage® Facilitator I still deal with anxiety - something that has plagued me my entire life.

So, in the spirit of honesty and full disclosure...here she is, my Inner Panic Button. This is me most days - at least for some part of the day. This SoulCollage® card has a lot of shadow - she represents a part of me that is out of balance and one that makes me deeply uncomfortable and sometimes ashamed. But what I have discovered through the SoulCollage® process is that my Inner Panic Button, while she seems to be a big negative in my life, is also an incredibly valuable part of me!! Wait...What?? " Amazingly, she has wisdom that is helping me grow and evolve. See for yourself...


Inner Panic Button

What my Inner Panic Button had to say to me in her own voice in a recent reading:


I am the one who feels like my hair is always on fire. I am the one who feels like I am never going to have it "all together" and organized. I am the one who panics over the constant state of disarray in my house. Who panics over the laundry that isn't done, the kitchen that is a mess. I am the one who feels like I am always apologizing because I'm just a HOT MESS.


What I have to give you is the ability to forge on even though you feel like your hair is on fire and you feel like you're a hot mess. You have the amazing ability to work under pressure when you need to do so!!


I want you to remember that you are a strong, capable woman - capable of pulling your life together. I want you to use my energy to get your sh*t together, get organized and maintain that organization! Use my fierce energy from your hair-on-fire-feeling to motivate you and to help you develop systems and strategies so I only come out when you really need me - so I'm not hanging around all day and night driving you crazy. I can be super useful from time to time - just not all of the time!

What part of you makes you deeply uncomfortable? Is it your Inner Panic Button? Or maybe your Inner Critic? What do you think that part would say to you if it had a voice? What kind of wisdom might that part have for you?...


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