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I'm not much of a housekeeper. It's a little embarrassing to admit this.

It's not that I don't know how to clean or even that I don't like cleaning (I would rather clean the house than cook a meal, but that's a whole other blog post), it's rather that I'm not at all consistent with it. My house either looks like:

"Oh, what a lovely home you have."


"OMIGOD? Are you a HOARDER???"

With very little in between.

I struggle with daily chores and with anything resembling routine. Somehow I can manage to do something for a week, sometimes two, but then it all seems to fall to pieces. (As I've mentioned in my previous posts, I have anxiety and depression, which somehow manifests in low energy and, evidently, lack of consistency.)

So, what does my erratic housekeeping and lack of consistency have to do with SoulCollage®?

SoulCollage®, like housekeeping (or meditation or exercise or eating right or other self-care), is a mindfulness PRACTICE. It's something that, ideally, one does daily. Or even every few days or at worst once a week. And I struggle with that.

If you read my last blog post, in it I wrote the following:

"So I've decided that this week, before I write the next installment on the blog I am going to find my Inner Confidence! I am going to search through my thousands of images and find the ones that represent a more confident wife, mom, daughter, friend, SoulCollage® Facilitator, business owner, human being. And then I am going to create a SoulCollage® card with those images and do some readings to connect with the confidence that I know is somewhere inside me just waiting to bust out. "

Is the post you are currently reading a piece all about my new-found Inner Confidence?


Shortly after I wrote the last post I went away on a family vacation, took all my SoulCollage® stuff along...and promptly did nothing with it. Then I returned home, unloaded all of my SoulCollage® stuff into my studio...and promptly continued to do nothing.

Don't get me wrong - I've been doing PLENTY to prepare for various workshops that I'm facilitating. I'm not out of the SoulCollage® loop. It is a huge part of my daily life. As much as I love facilitating workshops to help others discover their inner wisdom, I have been doing very little by way of attending to my own personal SoulCollage® practice. I've been doing little to attend to my own self-care.

Apparently it might behoove me to gather images not only relating to Inner Confidence, but also relating to consistency and practice. What will these SoulCollage® cards look like? What wisdom will they have for me?


What area do you struggle with in your daily life? Is it consistency? Confidence? Exercise and self-care? What steps can you take to help move you forward in these areas?


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