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SoulCollage® "Brain Dump"

This is what starting again looks like.

For me at least.

A lot of people use their computers when generating big lists of goals, tasks and to-do's, but not me....

I'm a JOURNAL JUNKIE and my best ideas and lists happen when I write them by hand in a journal.

Needless to say...I might have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 journals on the shelves in my studio/office.

OK... maybe closer to 30.

So the photo here shows my "SoulCollage® Brain Dump" in my newest journal...a big list of a whole lotta things I need to do to get Soul Unfolding back up and running after a two-year hiatus (thanks COVID.)

"Write new blog post" is 10th on the list.

Of course, I got ahead of myself and skipped to tasks 17, 21, 24-27, and 30, but that's OK because here I am back at task #10 actually writing said blog post.

So those of you who have yet to take an intro SoulCollage® workshop will be happy that I skipped ahead because I just submitted intro workshop proposals for September in Bristol and down in South County. Keep your fingers crossed that they are accepted!

For those of you Glue Nerds who have already taken an intro workshop, you'll be happy to know (I hope you'll be happy to know) that I'll have new workshops coming up this fall at the HeARTspot Art Center & Gallery in East Providence. That's a done deal!

And for any of you out there who would rather that I bring the magic of SouCollage® to YOU and your friends - my Workshop at Home Gatherings are UP AND RUNNING RIGHT NOW. Just shoot an e-mail to me: and I'll send you all the details about having a SoulCollage® gathering right in your home.

Sorry...I lapsed into a little marketing there for a minute! There's just SO MUCH SoulCollage® in my brain and I am SO EXCITED to be getting back to bringing it all to YOU that I can't help myself!!!!

[ does a little happy dance around my studio ]

Ahem...yes...Back to business.

Now, if you'll excuse me I actually have to skip to task #31 on the list...putting together a course list for the HeARTspot fall and winter class schedule.

I look forward to seeing all of you wonderful Glue Nerd friends soon!!!


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